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Reading Interaction Jurnal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Reading Interaction Jurnal - Essay ExampleFor instance, in India a guru or a wise man is a revered person with followers comprising mostly the young population. Additionally, the path set by gurus is full of respect because it assists in the search for wisdom. On that none, before attempting to become a guru, one should understand the underlying implications such as doubt and preparation instead of harboring skepticism and doubt. This implies that a critical mind is fundamental in developing a philosophical approach. This affirms that critical thinking is crucial in various spheres of life ranging from economics, social issues and for democracies. Unfortunately, thus far in situations where freethinkers exist, tyrants and dictators make it hard for such minds to thrive. Critical thinkers, according to the author, were even accepted in the ancient times but this does not permit a person to develop superior complex habits. The mind should only be used for comprehending philosophy. I n the next chapter, there is the urgency to understand the meaning of words. This includes fashioning assessment on ones personal development before entering a philosophy class. Accordingly, philosophy being a mysterious subject, it is haughty for the learner to draw examples from multiple facets of life such as listening to the prime minister on the radio. Contrastingly, origins of philosophy can be traced to Greece and science accordingly its mythical status. Philosophy is also attached with the love of gaining wisdom or knowledge and should follow the ancient Greek customs. In the same trajectory, associating historical monuments with groovy philosophers such as Nietzsche, Kant and Descartes exposes philosophy as a broader subject. It, therefore, implies that approaching philosophy is a tough act unlike visiting a monument. Similarly, philosophical traditions travel along values and ideas that encompass quoting people such as Moliere, Aristotle and Plato. Overcoming large wo rds is another obstacle afflicting many people who are interested in culture philosophy. This requires complete patience and mastery of important jargons to attain the possibilities. When it comes to trying out philosophy, it is not recommended with cafes. As noted in chapter 6, disagreements erupting from such settings may prevent people from distinguishing between what is good and bad. Conversations that are lively between friends often degenerate into strong exchanges that lack substance. Philosophy may become an emotive subject especially if it attacks figures such as Andy Warhol without considering the existing concepts that define philosophy. It is thus advisable to assess the reasons behind any argument before delving into any exchanges. However, in the scene of Socrates and Hippias, the both characters are competing in terms of brilliance and sophistry. Socrates, for example, is a man who is focused on modesty in order to understand others such when he meets a certain brag gart. This demonstrates a complicated problem where he tends to act to fit in an evolving society. Hippias, on the other hand, attempts the value of appropriateness but fails because he does not have a higher critical thinking as shown by Socrates. Conversely, there is a difficulty with Plato as a philosopher who writes subtle dialogues and complex narratives that attempts to link up harmony and coherence in life. On that perspective, it differs from Socratic dialogue that has a direction in the

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