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Rite of Passage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Rite of Passage - Essay ExampleIt is irrefutable that the way eucharists of passages argon being conducted had evolved over time. As cultures recognized the changing needs of their member, they have devised new formal procedures to celebrate the transitions in their lives. However, communions of passage have already changed in context and meaning. For example, an individuals sexual climax of age which was celebrated by a ritual which required jungle survival to test the survival ability and responsibility of an jejune is now replaced with formal arties to celebrate the freedom from families especially parents.The current problematic situation of adolescents nowadays requires a newfangled rite of passage to signal their coming of age and transition to adulthood. This modern rite of passage should not only if serve as an indication of the adolescents newfound freedom to do what they want and the prohibit of their parents authority over them but also address the numerous issues w hich are currently faced by adolescents.This paper will present a modern rite of passage which will mark the transition between adolescence and adulthood. This will try to incorporate the issues which confront the modern youth in society to render them with the much needed knowledge and skill to face adulthood responsibly. This report will be divided into three parts according to the distinct phases of rites of passage-separation, transition, and incorporation. This rite of passage will be conducted to teenagers aged 15-17 years of age.SEPARATION LOSS OF IDENTITYThe first part of rite of passage is called separation which is a cognitive operation to end the current identity of the adolescent. This part is very important as the creation of a new identity is not possible without ending the sometime(a) one. Thus, this modern rite of passage will begin with the physical separation of the adolescents from the significant sight in their lives especially their families and friends. Ado lescents aged 15-17 will need to fixate for the rite of passage by packing their clothing and other personal belongings to stay for a convert Camp. It is extremely important that adolescents will only be restricted to bring what they will need. These are those basic things that individuals cant leave without like clothing, slippers, and things for personal hygiene. It should be noted that things like iPods, cellular phones, PCs, notebooks, and laptops shouldnt be brought to the Transition Camp. This will ensure that the adolescents will be fully separated from the outside world and will let them concentrate on the activities in the camp. Communication with people from outside the camp will not be tolerated. Also, no drugs, alcohol, and non-participants will be allowed intimate the camp.Specific rules will also be observed inside the Transition Camp which will govern all the participants. The camp site will cater to both boys and girls. The boys will share a communal chamber will all the boys while the girls will also be sleeping together. The adolescents will be doing on all the household chores in the camp. In order to organize the housekeeping, they will be grouped and assigned specific tasks for each week. The groups will consist of both boys and girls. Each of the household tasks will be rotated so that each group will have the chance to learn every household chore. Separation from the important persons in the adolescents is symbolic for this modern rite of passage. As the rite of passa

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