Thursday, July 25, 2019

Business enivronemnts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business enivronemnts - Essay Example External factors have the capacity to determine whether an organization adopts new technologies. In the IT company I worked for, one of the external factors that placed the company under pressure was the rival adoption of the technology. Notably, there is an increased competition between information technology companies. Since many of the companies operating in the same industry had not adopted the new technology, the company had to carry out a critical analysis of its potential benefits. Theorists have highlighted that it is easier to adopt a new technology when other companies in the industry have already adopted and implemented the technology. The reason for this emanates from the fact that when the first company adopts the technology, other companies can learn how to implement it and can discern the potential benefits. In addition, prices are likely to be lower. Organizations that choose to go fast in the adoption of new technology undergo experiential learning. This was the case with the IT company, which sought to adopt a new technology that competitor had not received. However, the competitors were not the only external factors. The company considered the social factors of the new technology. Worth noting is the fact that the information and technology sector presents numerous social impacts.

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