Friday, July 26, 2019

Strategic and Change Management and HRM (NESTLE Company Assignment

Strategic and Change Management and HRM (NESTLE Company - Assignment Example For the marketing function to be successful, all the marketing aspects of the marketing function must be effectively executed and coordinated. The marketing mix elements include Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Product refers to the characteristics of the product and brands which is likely to give or deny the organization a competitive advantage. Price refers to the pricing regime and how it compares to the competition with regards to getting customers to purchase more. Place refers to the the distribution strategy. Channels of distribution must enable the organization to get its products to the target customers. Lastly, promotion refers to efforts by the organization to get customers to purchase more of its products. Such efforts include advertisements and other sales promotion efforts such as discounts and giving out coupons redeemable against company’s products among others efforts. Nestle brand portfolio is spread across almost every food and beverage portfolio, with consumers having a choice of different kinds of products and services. Some of the food and beverage categories covered by Nestle include baby foods, bottled water, cereals, chocolate and confectionery, dairy and frozen food. So wide and vast is Nestle UK & Ireland offering that it is estimated that about 97 per cent of UK households consume one or more of Nestle products such as Nescafe, Kit Kat, Buxton and Smarties, while about two billion of Nestle products are sold in the U.K every year (Nestle, 2014). This just shows how widespread usage the product enjoys. It is thus easy to see why Nestle is the most dominant brand in the food and wellness industry. Its expansive product lines mean that it is almost possible that someone at any given time will be having a choice between buying a Nestle product and that of the competition. Besides, the sales of Nestle products have been impressive with good profits being posted. The challenge the firm faces now is to

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