Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bachelor of Business - Paper on Leadership Issues Research

Bachelor of Business - on Leadership Issues - Research Paper Example However, to be an effective leader, it is important that leaders know the boundaries of their authority. Likewise, as leaders, it is important to be able to set good examples because people tend to emulate the things that are being done by the people who are over them on the corporate ladder. Hence, the ethics of leaders come into play crucially. However, there are many interpretations of what ethics is about. Some would say that ethics is about right and wrong or about religious beliefs. Interestingly, some would say that it is about being a law abiding citizen while some would say that it is doing what is generally accepted. However, confining ethics to each of the foregoing examples may be impossible such as religion which has a very high moral standard. It may also be a problem to equate it with laws or to what is generally accepted since these may likewise deviate from what is truly ethical. Basically, ethics are about having a high standard about what is right and wrong that st ates what people ought to do. Likewise, it is also the learning process as well as the development of one’s standards of being ethical (Velasquez et al 2010). Nowadays, ethical issues pervade companies especially when there are issues divulged by employees who are unable to take in things that are going badly for the company. As such, when certain anomalies are divulged by employees or former anomalies, these become cases of whistle-blowing. It is thus important to make this distinction because it is in these cases that leaders’ ethical issues come into play since these are the things that they can directly influence. All other disclosures that are not made by employees or former employees are not cases of whistle-blowing (Sollars 2001). It is very important for leaders to ensure that issues pertaining to whistle-blowing are handle with utmost professionalism as these may easily expose the ethical standards that they posses. Hence, these will be the focus of the case i n point. What recommendations for action would you make to the senior management? Basically, the case presented a company that went from bad to worse after the initial incident of whistle-blowing that exposed major anomalies resulting to unpleasant things such as investigations and even arrests. It was an unfortunate turn that instead of having an improvement in operations, the company’s output further dropped not to mention the morale of the employees. Hence, it is important for the top management to first recognize that the business environment of today has evolved to a level that has provided a more conducive environment for whistle-blowing. The major advances in technology have tremendously improved the capability of communications enabling new channels and ways of providing and getting information in ways unimagined just a decade and a half ago. Likewise, companies must be made aware that these technological improvements have brought in a new era for businesses known as the information age effectively phasing out the industrial stage. Thus, with this new age comes a new breed of manpower known as knowledge workers. In fact, many such employees are making their way deep into the corporate world (Serrat, 2008). This only means that people nowadays know better and can communicate easier which has made disclosures of anomalies easier. Thus, it is important that the senior manage

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