Monday, September 23, 2019

Chelsea Training Facility Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Chelsea Training Facility - Assignment Example In addition to these, the club's first team comprising of 27 players will also be playing here. Currently they practice in Harlington on all days except when they have a match. This has to be transferred to the new site once created, to Hazelwood. Chelsea football club proposes to convert the existing golf course in Hazelwood borough into a football training academy. The academy will be the training ground for the 27 first team players in the Chelsea club. In addition to these players, the academy will embark on training youth and children from the neighbourhood schools to build them up into professional footballers. The Chelsea Football Academy will have 12 senior and grass sided grass pitches with one floodlit pitch, one all weather floodlit pitch, ancillary training areas, parking place and required landscaping. An L shaped building will also be created out of the existing one. This will provide seating for 150 spectators on the top floor and also provide for quarters for two staff in the roof space. The first team, comprising of team players aged over 21 years will be using the pitches for their continuous training. There will be a reserve team of 12 players who are in the 19 and 21 years age group. The Academy will also train a youth team comprising of youth in the ages between 17 and 19 years. ... There will also be Saturday morning training in addition to week day training in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. This will number to approximately 120 boys. Once Hazelwood training starts, wards undergoing training in Harlington alone will be transferred to Hazelwood for training. On Sunday mornings, there are regular U9 to U16 matches. These are currently conducted at Cobham and this would continue even after starting training at Hazelwood. There are also the Ladies teams having about 60 senior players and 50 junior players. They train generally in the Feltham Community College and in the Raynes Park High School. Matches are normally played at the Sycob Football Club in Beaconsfield. At the time of making this proposal, the Ladies teams do not have any plans of using the Hazelwood club grounds for this purpose. Factors for the Proposal The following points are observed in favour of the proposal during the analysis of the document: 1. Chelsea FC needs an academy to train and continuously build professional footballers for it. This is line with the Football Association and Football League joint statement issued, reinforcing the idea of creating academies for every professional and Football league club. 2. The Football Academies would be special development centres that will have the best of the facilities and would have to meet very high standards in terms of facilities for both players and well as staff. The centres should be capable of producing students who are not just have technical capability but would be an all round professional. The academies shall have the best coaches and the support of other professionals, viz., physiotherapists, doctors and teachers. 3. These academies shall cater to the

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