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The Insanity of Being Sane Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Insanity of Being Sane - Essay Example Both of these writers shared the same experiences of being insane, cast out, and maltreated just to unveil and uncover the true situations inside the mental institutions in the nineteenth century and the present time. These two literary books are inspiring and reveal the continuity of how mental institutions have been dealing with the mental patients for centuries. Nellie Bly wrote â€Å"Ten Days in a Mad-house† somewhere in 1887. She was a newspaper reporter tasks to expose the brutality and neglect among the mental patient in the mental institutions. For ten days, Bly involuntarily committed to be lockup to the Blackwell’s Island insane asylum as she is saying that â€Å"My instructions were simply to go on with my work as soon as I felt that I was ready (Bly, N.)†. To be able to be admitted to the insane asylum, she had to check in a women’s boarding facility after which she acted irregularly. This instance ignited the whole plan for Bly to enter the fa cility (Time Staff, 2009). Just like Nellie Bly, Norah Vincent is also a journalist, a brave immersion journalist who lets her self-lockup in the insane facility for ten days. Both of the two writers immersed in an insane facility. However, Bly involuntarily accepted the task being drawn to her while Vincent was required to be confined at the asylum as the author narrated â€Å"On the advice of her psychologist she committed herself to a mental institution† (Vincent N. 2009). Moreover, after ten days, Vincent decided to get out of the asylum with the promised to her self not to get back again, as she said, â€Å"I got home a wreck, and swore that, no matter how bad I felt, I would never willingly go into such a place again, never†. (Vincent N, 2008). Bly was able to convince the authority of the asylum and be confined for ten days was well planned. Bly, at first, fabricated to be mildly insane and begin the whole process by convincing her roommates as well as the owner by standing the whole night at the wall, talking a lot to never seen people, and doing strange things. The things she does were found out to be sufficient to be in front of the judge and as expected, recommended to stay inside the asylum where she had manifested the arbitrary and the vindictive rules in the asylum (Bly N. (2009). On the Contrary, Vincent was able to enter the asylum because she was diagnosed to have a mental illness that started way back ten years ago. Vincent’s depression was developed to be a sickness until she had never any choice but to enter the asylum. Nevertheless, she battled her own problems and made it a way to discover and continue her pilgrim in writing and exposing what life she had gone through inside the asylum â€Å"As her treatment and her symptoms improve, Vincent warms up to the idea that â€Å"the bin† might not be all bad, and she softens in her critique† (Vincent, N. 2008). The way she helps her self in battling her misfor tunes have gone through the process of knowing her self, realizing where she was in, grasping the feelings about her situation, and how she can help her self to be out of the asylum, as Vincent states â€Å"I spent four lost, interminable days in lockup that first time in the bin, getting worse, weeping at the sealed windows, yelping for rescue through the pay phone in the soul-destroying dayroom.

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