Friday, November 1, 2019

Shaw Flooring Company Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Shaw Flooring Company Analysis - Essay Example Main products of Shaw Flooring involve carpets, area rugs, ceramic tiles, hard wood flooring, laminate flooring, and hard wood laminate flooring. Along with this other related products such as floor coverings of hard wood and vinyl also manufactured by them. Designing and manufacturing of both commercial and residential carpet products are carried on within the company's owned facilities. The raw material used for the carpet products are mainly tufted nylon yarn. For making carpet samples separate division are formed in the organization. The carpet sampling division provides service to its customers. By formulating samples of their own it becomes more cost-effective for the firm. For the distribution of finished products direct retail marketing is adopted by the company. This direct sales strategy helps them to get successful growth with higher market share than competitors. Adoption of new technology of continuous dying ranges act as competitive advantage for the company. Most of the production processes are carried on within the company's own plants. This makes the production process more cost effective. Characteristics such as innovation, leadership, product performance, quality, service, and value achieved by the company also act as competitive advantage for them in the carpet industry. ... Recycling of used products and scraps and wastes for further production is another strategy of Shaw flooring. When doing the recycling process quality control techniques are also implemented. Shaw's carpet recycled product, EcoWorx is the only one in that category which provides a guarantee of return back of carpet tile up at the end of its life. The wastage is utilized for producing energy and this provides them low cost energy for all of their process. Together with this environmentally better removal of wastage is also attained by them. These act as competitive advantages of the firm in the industry. (Shaw Industries). 3. Quality Management: For the implementation of quality control, Six Sigma total quality management system is adopted by the company. A certified Six Sigma Manager is appointed by the company and he is responsible for specifying improvement in the production efficiency of the manufacturing process by applying his Six Sigma skills and tools. He is required to issue reports to Plant Manager regarding the improvement process within the company's facilities. A Quality Assurance Manager is also appointed and he is responsible for the overall product quality within the company's manufacturing facility. He is also charged with discharging customers' claims and develops and implements quality improvement tools within the firm. He is required to report to the Plant Manager about the proper working of the production department. The Super wiser of the company is also charged with ensuring the quality and production standards within their shift. (Career Opportunities). 4. Process Design: Tufting process is used by the company for the production of carpets. The transformation process of carpet

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