Sunday, November 3, 2019

Paper 3 Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

3 - Research Paper Example Ethnic origin provides an individual with a sense of identity from other people. It reinforces the idea that a certain individual is what he or she is because of his or her belongingness to this certain group, where the culture of that group is passed on to that individual by means of language. It is quite comparable to an intangible home of the individual where different members of a huge family interact in seemingly similar ways and valuing similar cultural norms. Ethnicity is closely linked to the concept of a nationality, where, in Political Science, refers to the perception of belongingness to a group or a collective of people exhibiting uniqueness or a sense of distinction from other groups of people. Ethnicity is Janus-faced as it presents two paradoxical roles in the society. The concept of Ethnicity unites the people of the same ethnic origin and consolidates a homogenous collective group of that same ethnic origin. We can see this in the classic example of the Chinese. In s eemingly most major cities in the world, there is always a sector in that city deemed a Chinatown, where most, if not all, people, citizen or migrants, that are ethnically and conservative Chinese establish their homes and their businesses.

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